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Materials Innovations In Surface Engineering 2023


All year round, Brisbane is known for its consistently sunny and relatively warm weather. In Australia, September is the beginning of Spring so expect temperatures on the warmer side but it shouldn’t be as hot as summer just yet. Temperatures have an average high of 24 degrees and an average low of 14 degrees making for a perfectly mild and comfortable level of warmth.

September is the ideal time to visit Brisbane as the weather is just warm enough to enjoy spending time outside but not yet hot enough to need to stay in the shade. While it might not be boiling enough to dive into one of the world famous Queensland beaches, there is still so much to enjoy during the springtime.

The Brisbane Festival takes place during September and is a must visit for anyone new to the city. A wide range of exhibits, shows, performances and activities take place during this month-long art festival. There is plenty to do for all ages and is a great opportunity to take in some of the best art Australia has to offer while getting to know the city up close and personal.

If you’re looking for a slower pace during your trip to Brisbane, take advantage of the sun and spend some strolling around the beautiful Brisbane River. A variety of water sports are available, from abseiling to kayak tours along the city’s iconic stream. Finish the day with a riverside picnic or continue to the fun and scale the Story Bridge for a stunning view of the city and coast.

No matter how you choose to spend your free time in Brisbane, the city surely won’t disappoint. There’s always something fun to do, something new to try and somewhere to explore. The sunny but not too hot weather of September provides the perfect environment to create a trip to Brisbane that you’ll never forget.

Weather Averages for September in Brisbane

  • Low temperature: 14 degrees Celsius or 57 Fahrenheit
  • High temperature: 23 degrees Celsius or 73 Fahrenheit
  • Sunshine: 8 hours
  • Rainfall: 30 mm
  • Rainfall days: 8 days


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